Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ice Skating.

I FINALLY talked Jason into going ice skating with me. I have literally begged him in the past, but I finally gave up after nearly 3 years of dating and being married. But, after seeing a groupon for ice skating and how good of a deal it was, I got barve enough to ask Jason (again) if he would join me. It may have been that I hadn't seen him in a week, or he really was in the mood to try something new, but he said he would go! Totally shocked/surprised me. He is always the one introducing me to new things, so I was REALLY excited for him to go. 

What was fun about the groupon, it included 2 hot chocolates with the 3 hours of skating.... and good thing it did, because our dogs were'a aching! 
{that's good 'ole Okie talk for our feet were tired ;)}

A few things to report from this momentous occasion:
#1 No falls!
#2 Jason can backwards skate. 
#3 For our next careers, we will be an "ice dancing" couple. 
We practiced some. A little girl came up to us after and said, "you guys are really good!!!" 
It took a lot for Jason and I not to bust out laughing. 
We were just fartin' around.
 (again, Okie talk. I'm startin' to like it!)

During our hot cocoa break. 
He is so handsome! 

Jason being VERY careful not to fall while trying to work his camera magic.

Yes folks. He really is backwards ICE skating on his first day.

PROOF! We were there together. It's hard to get pictures of us as a couple. Good thing there are always strangers around. 
Yes Mom, I did talk to a stranger. But, I didn't take the candy he offered me. Just kidding! : D

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